Poems For Life

Poems For Life: Applications for Living in Rhythm with God’s Word

By: Beverly Alfonso (Illustrations by David B. Waterman)
Morris / 2007 / Paperback
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Product Description:

Thank God for words! And that words have meaning. They are so descriptive, and I love exclaiming through the rhyming of words the wonder of God and His creation. To proclaim His awesome love and to share His blessings with my poetry has been a prayer for many years. The inspiration of scripture, God’s very Word, is the best backdrop for writing in worship to God. Within these pages are poetry, accompanying applications and stirring illustrations meant to draw us to our wonderful Savior. I pray you, the reader, will be blessed and that God will be glorified.
This book is a mix of verse and writings of life experiences that have inspired a desire to share the love and wisdom of God and His Word with others. The journey He takes us on and joins us in is exciting and rewarding. I encourage seekers of the best life has to offer to take this journey. Might the pages that follow help you on the way!
[Preface, Poems for Life, Beverly Alfonso]

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Format: PaperbackNumber of Pages: 83

Publisher: Morris
Publication Date: 2007
ISBN: 0979167507ISBN-13: 9780979167508

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Dimensions: 8.5 X 5.5 X 0.25 (inches)

Author Bio:

Beverly Alfonso is the author of Poems For Life: Applications for Living in Rhythm with God’s Word. Early in her life, Beverly Alfonso started expressing her thoughts, dreams and hopes through writing. Her “way with words” became most useful and enjoyable through the rhyming form of poetry. She has a collection of poems; many have been published in smaller venues.
Poems For Life: Applications for Living in Rhythm with God’s Word is her first published book and contains personal experiences she wants to share with others on the journey of life.
Beverly is the mother of two adult children and the wife of Jim, a retired teacher who is currently a coach and referee. Beverly and Jim currently reside in Antigo, Wisconsin.

Editorial Reviews:

“This is a wonderful devotional book, and makes the perfect gift and witnessing tool”.
– Rob Pue, Publisher Wisconsin Christian News
“We rightly talk about the “perspicuity of Scripture.” This is simply a fancy term for the “clarity” with which God’s Word (the Bible) is written. However, all of us, from time to time, need help in understanding, grasping, and applying Scripture to our lives. Beverly Alfonso’s, Poems For Life, is just such help! With clear prose, timely applications, and penetrating thoughts, these short poems, alongside the companion devotions written underneath, are used by God’s Spirit to impact our lives. This is much more than a compendium of poetry. Poems For Life are devotional fodder for God’s people. They are short commentaries on God’s inerrant Word. I highly commend this book to each of you.”

Customer Reviews:

“Poems for Life’ is a book to keep by your bedside or favorite chair. Each day, God can use it for inspiration and encouragement. I found wisdom, joy and comfort in the pages of this little book. So as I get up from my rocking chair (see page 63), I’ll have found a new outlook on things that may have brought me down. Thank you, Beverly, for sharing the creativity that God has given you!”
– Nancy Dunahee, Secretary to Living River Quartet
“Beverly Alfonso has been an inspiration to me for many years. Her Love for the Lord is so evident in her life, and he has chosen to Bless her with the gift of writing. Her poems and stories from her personal life will help those who read this book a clear understanding that God uses moments in all of our lives to reveal his presence! I know I can call on Beverly when I need prayer, she is one of a very few in my life that I feel will go to the Lord in prayer! I am Blessed to have her as a friend, and look forward to reading many books that she will write by God’s guidance!”
– Phyllis Meyer, Springbrook Laser Engraving