Christ Is Christmas!

We have a Savior of such great worth
And are grateful for His birth,
For all He came to do for man
In His obedience to God’s plan.
He lived and died to set us free
Our souls to save both you and me,
From babe He was so soft and sweet
Then growing to the man He’d be.
The Son of God went to the cross
Took our sin and suffered loss;
To gain the way for us to find
Our Father God for all time.
This Christ that Christmas is about
We welcome here and have no doubt,
He is the Gift our Father gave
To rise above His earthly grave.
To take our sins there to leave
To seek us out so we’d believe,
He is the miracle our God sent
We can’t deny and must repent.
Then to Him we sing our praise
Our Christmas songs to Him we raise.
Not in a box
Nor under a tree,
But in our hearts
Is where Jesus should be!

“And she shall bring for a Son, and
thou shalt call His name Jesus: for He
shall save His people from their sins.”
Matthew 1:21

Our greatest need was forgiveness, so
God sent us a Savior – the most beautiful,
wonderful Gift we could receive – at Christmas
and forever!

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