Go, In His Love!

Lord, help me to love with Your love
With the love I see in Your eyes,
With compassion and forgiveness
Through the tears I know You cry;
For the lost who need salvation
And the lonely who need a friend,
For the hurting in need of healing
To these is it me You’ll send?
Make me ready to go, Lord
To hear when You call to me,
To be alert and watchful
To be obedient to thee!
Help me not to be wasteful
With the life You’ve given me,
Help me know and use the gifts
To share with those in need.
This is my prayer to You, Lord
It comes from deep within,
There is nothing more important
Than the Gift You are to men!

But how can they call on Him to
save them unless they believe in
Him? And how can they believe in
Him if they have never heard about
Him? And how can they hear about
Him unless someone tells them?
Romans 10:14

We are to God the fragrance of
Christ among those who are being
saved and among those who are
perishing. 2 Corinthians 2:15

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