History Repeated?

History repeats itself
We’ve been told this again and again.
Which is the reason one has to ask
“What’s in the minds of men”?
Have we not learned from the past
The signs so easy to see?
Can we so easily dismiss
Deception from the powers that be?
The struggle for power and greed
And trampling on lives that are free;
Not caring for justice and truth
But ruling humanity!
Where will it end this time
At this place in history?
Is it too late to wake up
Or do we prefer to sleep?
Will we ask ourselves some day ahead
Are we still free or is America dead?

Did we do what we could, did we stand strong?
To thwart all the efforts of those in the wrong?

Dear God above, hear us this day
It’s for the nation we love
We so fervently pray.
Do what you must to get us to see
That the best place for us
Is on bended knee.
Might Your will be done
You’re in control;
Whatever it be
Then might it be so!

I ask this in Jesus Name.

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