Peaceful Sleep!

Some times I ask You, Lord
Why does it have to be,
That I can’t get it right
Because I cannot see?
I cannot see the picture
From Your clear point of view,
I flummox and I flounder
And forget that You are You!
My life gets topsy, turvy
Chaos seems to reign,
I toss and turn and cannot sleep
And analyze my pain.
But when my heart kneels to You
And You gather me in close,
I think about Your peace…
That’s what I long for most.
You change my way of thinking
When I “give it all to You”,
My sleepless nights You take away
You enlarge my point of view!

You will keep in perfect peace him
whose mind is steadfast, because he
trusts in You. Isaiah 26:3

This makes such perfect sense to me. And it should to you, too, because it comes from God’s Word. I know it and you know it, but still…there are those pesky sleepless nights! When morning comes and the day proceeds, and in tired pondering over why sleep wouldn’t come, we eventually come to the conclusion that we need to turn it all over to God, we gladly do so. And then peace comes over us and in to our day, BUT night falls again and often we pick up our nighttime pattern and the chaos of our mind takes over, the tossing and turning resumes and we wonder why! I prefer to “sleep like a baby” because I know God is taking care of me and my concerns. I love the restful nights and actually feeling alive the next day! So this is my conclusion:the sooner I trust God with what is in my mind and allow Him and His Word to saturate my thinking, there is peace! I can sleep and wake up refreshed and with a new mindset-that of trusting God in all things. It never fails because He never fails! He meets all my needs and that assurance allows restful nights and a peaceful heart!

The mind controlled by the Spirit
is life and peace. Romans 8:6


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