Sad And Lonely…Going To God

by Beverly Alfonso
originally published in
Poems For Life Newsletter :: May 16, 2008

Loneliness is all around us with hopelessness by its side.
And for those who are sad and hurting,
The depression is deep and wide.
Hearts are oh so weary and cry long into the night.
And toss and turn in such despair,
Asking, often and always –
“Does anyone even care?”

There is news to bring us joy, to fill our lives with peace.
It is that Jesus is coming,
In Him is sweet release.
In our daily struggles and in our nights of woe,
There is a light to guide us with a warm and welcoming glow.

Into His arms of love and the shelter of His care,
There is comfort from above;
Take your burdens and leave them there.
Life is not so easy, the challenges are all around.
But the Father is our Refuge,
In Him true peace is found.
When no one else can understand, when no one holds us near,
God surrounds us with His love and makes His presence clear.

He lifts our hearts high above the details of our lives.
He draws us in and holds us close,
And stays right by our side.
Call to Him and run to Him, each time you’re at the end.
He is your Savior and your Lord,
And also your Best Friend!

Father, as I think of loneliness and the lonely, I know that You care for them more than can be explained. You know the sadness of their heart and the hopelessness they live with. You know the despair they experience regularly as they see nothing changing for them. They have nothing to look forward to and they lack joy. They have nothing to be excited about. Rather than sunshine, they see clouds. The future looks bleak.

Loneliness doesn’t mean being alone and there can be people all around, yet the sense of having no one to care is heavy and overbearing. My heart goes out to the lonely because I know Your heart goes out to them. The sense of the sadness they experience and that it can lead to depression and adverse health affects is so not what You want for them.

You have created us all with purpose and You have a plan for each of our lives. Once You’ve established our salvation and eternal life because we’ve received Christ as our Savior, our purpose here on earth is to glorify You. The best way we can do so is to serve You and others with gladness and joy so they can experience Your love and care through us. Reaching out with the love of Christ to those who are hurting and in need of support and healing for a broken heart blesses us. There is purpose in serving others as we see ourselves and where we once might have been. We can relate to the needs of their heart.

Oh, Father, help lift the lonely above the circumstances of their lives so they can see You in all Your glory and know that You are God. So they can live for sharing You and Your love with still others like them, lonely and hurting. Lord, turn the hurt and sorrow into joy, abundant joy. Joy that bubbles up and out and overflows with excitement about life and what You have to offer when we see that it is “all about you”!

You bless us with so many blessings and give us rainbows after the rain, and take on our pain as You wipe away the tears. You come to us in the night and comfort us as You make Your presence known. You walk with us through our days and stay by our side, reminding us that we are never alone. With You there, we needn’t be lonely ever again!

Help us embrace You as Your loving arms embrace us and hold us close forever. You are our constant companion and very best friend. Fill us with You and take away the loneliness as You replace it with peace and contentment. Thank You, Father.

In Jesus I pray, Amen.

Psalm 119:28 – I am sad and tired. Make me strong again as You have promised.

Psalm 147:3 – He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.

Psalm 136:1 – Give thanks to the Lord because He is good. His love continues forever.