The One

by Beverly Alfonso
originally published in
Poems For Life Newsletter :: January 10, 2009

A new year has started; a new day has begun; And though change is coming; there is still only One.
One who is with us; One who is true; One never lacking; One to go to.
One who holds us and never lets go; One who guides us wherever we go.
One in our heart; One who knows best, One who brings peace; One who gives rest.
One for our future; One for our now; One with the answers; One filled with power.
One who is joy and hope for us all; One who delivers from man’s sin and fall.
One who is Holy; One who is right; One who turns darkness into the light.
One who shows mercy; One who gives grace; One who has taken His prophesied place.
One to be trusted; One who is strong; One who will judge the right from the wrong.
One who takes burdens to carry for us; One who is now and who always was.
One who is healer; One with great love; One who was sent from the father above.
One who is Savior; One without sin; One who died freely to save sinful men.
One who is worthy; One to be praised; One to be glorified through all of our days.
One who cares deeply; One who sees all; One who will answer whenever we call.
One who is God and ever will be; One who is refuge for you and for me.
One who endures through year after year; One to bring calm wherever there’s fear.
One to believe in; One to cling to; One who provides and protects me and you.

This One is the God of all that He has made and is not affected by change the years bring. Each new year comes with joys and sorrows, new ideas and exciting changes. There are new experiences, new friends, and we acquire new things and gain wisdom from the year(s) before. The world changes and the daily news changes so fast, we can hardly keep up. As things and people and ideas and products and the news of the day comes and goes, we adapt to it all – good and bad. We shake our heads in disbelief and shed tears or have a good laugh and wonder what is next?! But the good news and the best news is that Jesus is King and reigns forever and ever. We can count on Him and His unchanging Word no matter the year or where our lives are at present. This year of 2009 is no different than all others. Jesus is there and He is there for you and for me because He is the One (and only) constant and invites us to trust Him with everything (and everyone) we hold dear. Even life itself. Prayerfully we will do this because we can. His offers are “ripe for the taking” and He wants us to receive all that He provides. This is a good new year’s resolution and Jesus Christ, the One, will receive glory and honor as we continue to place our trust in Him.

He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Revelation 19:16

For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus…
1 Timothy 2:5