Christmas Time Again!

The snow is softly falling
And it’s Christmas time again,
Time to go back in time
And remember once again…

That Jesus was a baby
Before He became a man,
And He was sought by evil
And chased throughout the land.

He grew and walked with many
Who followed Him each day,
And watched Him as He lived
As He taught them how to pray.

They watched Him walk on water
And turn water into wine,
And saw how He was hated
By those whose hearts were blind.

His birthday every year
Is one many celebrate,
But like when He was young
There are those who’d rather hate…

Hate this love filled Savior
Who is King and ever reigns,
Who died and rose again
To save us…the reason that He came!

His life was all about us
And His death proved it was so,
And now for those who seek Him
Like the Wise Men long ago…

They will find Him when they look
And He is waiting there,
And even those who hate His name
Could find Him if they care.

His heart is always open
And He reaches out His hand,
He didn’t favor just a few
When He died for all of man.

No, He’s there for everyone
It was planned before His birth,
God looked down and sent His gift
For every man on earth.

He left that manger in the stable
And traveled far and wide,
Seeking those to save
Even those who choose to hide.

His love is open and inclusive
And He waits so patiently,
And Christmas time like any time
Is a time to be set free.

Some gifts are conditional
But God’s gift of love is not,
His Son He gave to everyone
The price of sin He bought.

The traditions that we celebrate
Around the Christmas tree,
Begin and end with Jesus
And His love for you and me!

In His quiet presence
As excitement builds and then,
The joy of His coming
Should overwhelm all men.

We sing our songs of joy
About His love that is divine,
And we celebrate and contemplate
Again…it’s Christmas time!

Luke 2:7, 11, 14 – Christ Is Born!

Christmas Reminder!

This was a Christmas to remember
But then – aren’t they all?
Because Christ the Savior was born
To save men from the fall!
We look back to His birth
With wonder and thanks and awe,
And thank Him for forgiving us
For taking the sin of all!
We need this Christmas reminder
Because we oft forget,
That Jesus coming to earth
Allows sinners to repent.
His birth and life and death
Brought hope and a future sure,
Sin could not destroy man
‘Cause Christ is sinless and pure.
His life in you and me
Could only be obtained,
By One who is perfection
But took our sin and shame!

Thank You Jesus, for all You’ve done
For dying for all and not just some,
For offering salvation to all mankind
For coming to earth to give us life!

God sent His only begotten Son, so that
whosoever believes in Him should not perish
but have eternal life. John 3:16

Christ Is Christmas!

We have a Savior of such great worth
And are grateful for His birth,
For all He came to do for man
In His obedience to God’s plan.
He lived and died to set us free
Our souls to save both you and me,
From babe He was so soft and sweet
Then growing to the man He’d be.
The Son of God went to the cross
Took our sin and suffered loss;
To gain the way for us to find
Our Father God for all time.
This Christ that Christmas is about
We welcome here and have no doubt,
He is the Gift our Father gave
To rise above His earthly grave.
To take our sins there to leave
To seek us out so we’d believe,
He is the miracle our God sent
We can’t deny and must repent.
Then to Him we sing our praise
Our Christmas songs to Him we raise.
Not in a box
Nor under a tree,
But in our hearts
Is where Jesus should be!

“And she shall bring for a Son, and
thou shalt call His name Jesus: for He
shall save His people from their sins.”
Matthew 1:21

Our greatest need was forgiveness, so
God sent us a Savior – the most beautiful,
wonderful Gift we could receive – at Christmas
and forever!

An Invitation To THE Birthday Party!

Invitations are going out
It’s almost party time,
Everyone’s getting excited
To attend this event so fine.
The celebration soon will begin
There’s much to anticipate,
It’s time for us all to RSVP
There’s really no need to wait!
It’s actually a birthday party
Though it comes at Christmas time,
And everyone asked to attend
Is welcome to come and dine.
We usher in this special birth
This joyous occasion for all,
The glorious One we celebrate
Strikes us with absolute awe!
This time of rejoicing and honor and praise
To the One who was born from above,
The gifts we give can’t compare
To His gifts of forgiveness and love!

“The virgin will be with child and will
give birth to a son, and they will call
him Immanuel” – which means, “God
with us.” Matthew 1:23
Happy Birthday, Jesus!

We Sing His Praises!

We sing His praises to the world
As we sing the Christmas songs,
Our hearts cry out as we rejoice
With voices loud and strong.
He is the One who was born to die
His glory is all around,
Our voices raise to our King on high
And make a joyous sound!

Let the heavens rejoice and the earth
be glad. Psalm 96:11

The Tree In The Downtown Square!

The tree stood alone in the downtown square, the people hurried by not seeing it there.
But the tree had a story it wanted to tell, of Jesus, the Savior, ’cause the tree knew it well.
It readied itself as the lumberjacks came. “We’ve found just the one!” they loudly proclaimed.
They worked with the tree and made a manger and bed, for the baby Jesus to lay His sweet head.
They then added Mary and Joseph, His dad; the animals, too, with the wood that they had.
The wise men were carved and a star painted bright; they placed it there to light up the night.
The job was done and the men left the scene; the tree was most happy, at peace and serene.
The tree looked around from his place in the square, and saw people coming to see what was there.
They exclaimed upon gazing at the wonderful sight; “This manger reminds us of God’s love on this night.”
The tree thought ahead to what he could do, how he could help in the town that he knew.
“I could be fashioned into a cross, it’s where Jesus died to save those that are lost.”
Again he would be in the downtown square, it would be Easter with love in the air.
Now he was happy, as the snow softly fell; he was part of the story that he loved to tell.

Remembering the manger and the cross – Christ’ birth and death – at Christmas
Originally published – 2004
Beverly Alfonso

Christmas Calls Out!

Toys for little boys
Dolls for little girls,
Some people say that Christmas
Is for the children of the world.
But I say that Christmas
Is for God’s children everywhere,
Playthings won’t be needed
When we understand His care.
His care to send His Son
From heaven’s reality,
To a desperate lonely earth
To save sinners – you and me.
Christmas calls out to us
Brings hope where there was none,
Quickens life within us
Until this life is done.
The joy bubbling in our hearts
That comes from deep within,
We owe to Christ, our Christmas Gift
The Savior of all men.

How great is the love the Father
has lavished on us. 1 John 3:1

My Christmas List!

What do I want for Christmas
Does anyone care to guess?
I want so very many things
And they all begin with bless –
Bless my friends and family, Lord
With what You know they need,
A relationship with You first
I pray that they will seek.
Bless them in their hearts
With deep love and tender care,
And the satisfaction in their lives
That You are always there.
Bless them with good health and then
Keep them from all harm,
See to daily needs they have
That keep them safe and warm.
Bless them with the joy and peace
That come from knowing You,
Help them make a difference
And bring glory unto You.
Bless them with the truth
That’s found within Your Word,
And help them share the message
That they’ve read and seen and heard.
Bless them with all they ask for
When it is Your will for them,
Father, I ask these “blessings”
For my family and my friends –
And all because of HIM!

I thank my God every time I
remember you. Philippians 1:3
And pray in the Spirit on all
occasions with all kinds of
prayers and requests. With this
in mind, be alert and always keep
on praying for all the saints.
Ephesians 6:18

Jesus, The Star!

The Christmas tree is lit
The candles are aglow,
Everything seems brighter
I know why this is so –
We welcome all the beauty
Of this very “merry” season,
And prepare our hearts and homes
For Jesus, who’s the reason!
We look so forward to
And anxiously await,
This special Christmas time
And the day we celebrate.
He is the Gift we love
God’s Best to us by far,
He is the Light of life
He shines brighter than a star.

I, Jesus, have sent My angel
to testify to you these things
in the churches. I am the Root
and the Offspring of David, the
Bright and Morning Star.

Jesus Came For Us!

A star shines brightly in the sky
All the world is still,
The promise of a Savior
Is soon to be fulfilled.
Baby in a manger
Is glory from above,
From a Father of compassion
Filled with a lasting love.
He knew we need redemption
And knew there was a way,
That man could be forgiven
Through the baby in the hay.
Rejoicing over Jesus
We praise His holy Name,
We give Him all the glory
And are thankful that He came!

“And suddenly there was with the
angel a multitude of the heavenly
host praising God, and saying, Glory
to God in the highest, and on earth
peace, good will toward man.”
Luke 2:13-14