Take Off The Mask!

It’s time for the mask to go
To be uncovered and real,
To let the God of the universe
Cause us to hurt and feel.
To feel for the lost and lonely
Those who need Him so,
To put ourselves in the place of them
Who don’t know where to go.
To relate and reveal who we are
And why we need our Lord,
So they will also understand
It’s Him they are searching for.
If they see Christ in us
And know He is love and truth,
If we are witnesses to His cause
And sharing His love is proof;
Then skeptics will pause and ponder
And hopefully come to believe,
That Jesus is Who they want
And Him they will receive.
Oh, let us bear our hearts
And open our lives to care,
And ask for God to give us
People with whom to share;
The blessings God has given
And continues to give and give,
Are given to us to give away
Because they are really His!

John 4:35 “Behold, I say to you,
lift up your eyes and look at the
fields, for they are already white
for harvest!”

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