The Tree In The Downtown Square!

The tree stood alone in the downtown square, the people hurried by not seeing it there.
But the tree had a story it wanted to tell, of Jesus, the Savior, ’cause the tree knew it well.
It readied itself as the lumberjacks came. “We’ve found just the one!” they loudly proclaimed.
They worked with the tree and made a manger and bed, for the baby Jesus to lay His sweet head.
They then added Mary and Joseph, His dad; the animals, too, with the wood that they had.
The wise men were carved and a star painted bright; they placed it there to light up the night.
The job was done and the men left the scene; the tree was most happy, at peace and serene.
The tree looked around from his place in the square, and saw people coming to see what was there.
They exclaimed upon gazing at the wonderful sight; “This manger reminds us of God’s love on this night.”
The tree thought ahead to what he could do, how he could help in the town that he knew.
“I could be fashioned into a cross, it’s where Jesus died to save those that are lost.”
Again he would be in the downtown square, it would be Easter with love in the air.
Now he was happy, as the snow softly fell; he was part of the story that he loved to tell.

Remembering the manger and the cross – Christ’ birth and death – at Christmas
Originally published – 2004
Beverly Alfonso

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