Who I Am Because Of Who He Is!

God, please direct me
Show me what I can do,
To be more pleasing to others
While I am pleasing You.
Help me be more disciplined
In the person that I am,
Help me with conviction
To be willing to take a stand;
To fight against the enemy
Who attacks from every side,
Who desires to see me fail
And to run and duck and hide;
From hard things and difficult
To overcome and change,
From things about my life
That You could rearrange.
Please change me from within
And how others may perceive,
The person that I am
Because of what they see.
My heart is what matters
The very most to You,
And what is on the inside
Reveals the real and true.
Might I present a picture
Of one with confidence,
That on the inside and the out
You are who I represent!

I can do all things through Christ
who strengthens me. Phillipians 4:13

Help me, Lord, to be the person I can
be to best represent You in my life. I
yield myself to You. In Jesus Name,

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